Try something

At the moment its all bad news. COVID-19, infection, death, self-isolation, social-distancing and lockdown. Scary shit. Well…what if I told you, you could get fit playing on your mobile phone! Stay with me.

For all my fitty bum bum friends and colleagues this probably doesn’t apply to you, this post is for those stuck indoors, isolated, struggling for motivation or just need a purpose. I want to give you something to kickstart a routine. Something that will get you out of your rut, a bit of headspace and a bit of motivation.

The answer for you guys is an app called Strava. Download it. Install it on your phone and setup an account. Its absolutely free. 


This app, used by millions and millions of runners, walkers, cyclists and a host of other exercisers will transform your phone into a GPS tracker. It is extremely simple to use. Step outside your front door, start recording an activity and just do something. A 5 min walk to start with. Thats it. 5 minutes of your life. Try it. You’ll be surprised how far you can walk in 5 minutes.

timer screenshot

And here is the extra cool bit!. You can walk and play on your phone while its recording, make a call or just watch the timer. Its upto you.

When you are done, stop the timer and your activity will be logged in your account. It will show you where you went on a map, how far, how long and your pace.

a typical activity logged

Next day, do it again. 6 minutes. If you do it with friends, follow each other. You’ll be able to see each others activities, like them and comment on them. Its social too!

Likes in Strava are called Kudos. You give someone Kudos

The day after that, once more. 7 minutes. This time take some pics of the wildlife or the landscape. Finish and upload the pics and attach them to your activity. Your friends will see them too.

Now share your activities on your Social Media and show your wider friends what you are doing. Get them involved. Follow them.

Within a week you will be fitter, fresher, in a routine and enjoying something healthy. Easy!


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