I’m virtually done

I’ve come to a crossroads. I’ve looked both ways and decided to go in a direction I never thought I would. I’ve suspended my Zwift membership pending cancellation.

WTF!!! I have dozens of blog posts and streamed videos of rides and races on Zwift going back a couple of years. Its ironic then that only a couple of months ago I was desperately looking to upgrade my current turbo for a new direct-drive smart trainer as I was riding so much in lockdown. How times change.

Lockdown saw trainers sell out across Europe, so not being able to obtain one was probably an omen!

Since then though I’ve started a new job and resumed commuting. The job is quite physical (humping 30kg ebike boxes around) and the commute longer and will be longer still when I start riding to our new Electric Bike store thats opening this week in Sutton Coldfield. All of that just makes riding when I get home, which I occasionally did, a bad idea and all of the rest of my time spent off the bike, like weekends, is time I need to rest up. I have no spare time for Zwift anymore which is a shame but to be honest my mojo had waned for it a bit in lockdown. Throw in the probable hikes in subscriptions coming, gimmicks like steering and a big step towards it as an official e-sport, its put me off a bit. Too many wankers on there. Too much bullshit in the forums, so I’ve come off all Zwift social media feeds too. I’m done with it (for now).

Me knowing me though, in a couple of months when its dark, wet and miserable outside, its quite possible I’ll change my mind and fall in love with it again. That’s how I do it but for now Zwift and I are separated pending a divorce.

you won’t miss these pics will you?

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