Review: Muc-Off Dry Lube

I don’t normally use Muc-Off products (too expensive) but last year I featured in the company mag and won a bucket of cleaning products and lubes from them, so there was no reason not to try it then

Up until that point my go to for cleaning and lubes was Morgan Blue which I used to sell in my shop and swore by but recently I’ve moved away from the expensive, cycle-branded degreasers and now favour Screwfix’s No Nonsense degreaser which works really well and you get over 5 times as much as Muc-Off or Morgan Blue for the same price. Check it out. Its well worth it.

Anyway, onto Muc-Off Dry Lube. First up, what is dry lube? Well as Ronseal used to say on their telly ads, ‘ does exactly what it says on the tin..’ It’s a lube and its dry. Application is a simple back pedal application with the lube dripping out of the easy-to-use bottle. Its very thin nozzle and the overall size of the bottle makes for a simple, no mess application which I like a lot. It comes out a milky white which makes it easy to see how much and where you are applying it.

The lube is applied wet and then it dries clear as it penetrates your chain

Thats the best bit of the review really. After using it after multiple washes now for many months I have to say I’m not really impressed by its lubricating quality or longevity between applications. Quite often after one ride or sometimes part of a ride you could feel and hear my chain become dry as in no lube. I feel the need for reapplication so often is its undoing as when you ride off for the first time post-application it feels quite good and the drivetrain is eerily silent.

My ride last Monday kind of killed it for me I’m afraid. 100km around the canals. A dry day and my chain was as dry as a bone, squeaking and felt really rough and graunchy in less than 2hrs. And that has been a theme. Any rides over 90 mins and its gone. Not good enough I’m afraid so I’ve sacked it off before I’ve finished it and I’m trying something else a bit leftfield which I’ll talk about once I’ve tested it.

So Muc-Off Dry Lube gets a generous 2 out of 5 from me. 1 point for the size and shape of the bottle which nails it for ease of application and a point for being ok for 90 mins of riding before a reapplication is needed.

Have you tried it? Let me know

2 thoughts on “Review: Muc-Off Dry Lube

  1. I’ve used the wet lube but although it lasts reasonably well it’s a muck gatherer. Requires a lot of cleaning and maintenance and seems to grab a lot of crap off the road. I’m not good at drivetrain maintenence so the benefit of lubrication were cancelled by the wear of crap sticking to the chain! I have a half bottle if you want to do a review yourself 😆


  2. Not that one, but I’ve used their Dry C3 Ceramic. It does an admiral job of keeping the drivetrain super quiet and smooth. Even the tiniest of showers or damp road and it’s washed straight off though. Just doesn’t last…


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