Upcycle Recycle

For a few years now I’ve stored my bike in our hallway because I use it nearly every day. It’s been ok there. Convenient. It hasn’t really got in my way but secretly its bugged my girlfriend for ages ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially when I bring it in wet and muddy.

soon to be banned

I had a think and I came up with a solution for her.

We have a side entrance into our utility room. Its a long thin corridor the depth of the house. It has a big fridge, a sink and some floor and wall units. My idea was to stop coming in and out of the front door (two doors, porch and front) with my bike and use the side entrance (one door) instead and create a space in there to store my bike too. So I did.

I removed one set of units and cupboards right by the door which has created just enough space to hang my bike. I’ve then re-purposed the units and fitted them in my man cave for additional storage for my ‘stuff’. The man cave will get a revamp shortly too in another project I’m working on.

recycled units and worktop, excuse my mess

After removing tiles etc, the utility wall was looking a bit shit so rather than have to plaster or tile, I decided to baton the walls and fit recycled pallet wood I bought off eBay. I installed a bike hook to the panels on some spare baton wood behind them and created a small shelf from more spare wood. That’s for charging my lights in the winter. It uses the power socket for the fridge I’ve moved.

It works quite well. Just a hook for my helmet to fit now and the floor to tile once some pipes have been moved down the other end.

a good use of space I think

It solves a problem but more importantly Sally is happy ๐Ÿ™‚

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