Oval time

I finally received my Garbaruk GRX Oval chainring from Poland last week. About 3 days delivery via DHL from there once they had processed my order after New Year. Quite impressive given the issues I’ve seen around some deliveries from the EU since Brexit. Today was the first chance I had to fit it.

First impressions are it is professionally packaged and very light. Lighter than the original ring but you can see that from how its made. Despite being oval the biggest difference are the tooth profile. Not as chunky as the GRX ring.

Fitting was a breeze. The 4 bolts on my chainset were very well thread locked, plenty of leverage needed to crack them but once the ring was off, offering up the new one was easy and snug fit so lining up the bolt holes was as easy as I’ve ever had fitting a new ring.

Sometimes aftermarket rings can look odd and I was bit worried with this one as the ring has a gloss finish versus a matt finish on my spider but I think it looks ok though, very low profile and neat.

With the chainset back on I took it for a quick spin to check the chain line and gear changes were ok. Worked fine and felt great. Can’t wait to try it on my first commute of the year tomorrow.

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