Review: Mistral Foul Weather Jacket

I’ve just got back from a 100min+ ride in 4 degs, with a wind chill probably taking it down to about 1 or 2 degs, maybe lower in parts. I was warm and comfortable. I was wearing my Galibier Mistral Foul Weather Jacket. Lets talk about it for a mo.

Cards on the table first. I’m a bit of a Galibier fanboy. I found them online by accident four or five years ago and for all my technical gear I haven’t spent my money anywhere else since. Jackets, tights, shorts, jerseys, gloves, arm warmers, leg warmers, oversocks. You get the picture. I have enough to keep my drawers full. This is my third one of these Jackets from them. I think they’re on the fourth version of it now and I have an original, version 3 and now this one, the latest.

suits you sir

What is it? Well its a soft-shell winter jacket comprising of three very thin layers of clever, technical fabric which is the key to keeping you warm without overheating. 100% windproof but breathable it is also DWR treated meaning its water repellent too. Today I just popped a non-thermal base layer on underneath. I was a bit cold to start off but when the body warmed up with a bit effort, five mins later I was comfortable and warm and remained so for the rest of the ride.

For sub-zero days, I just pop a thermal base layer on and a buff around my neck

The previous versions were really good but this one has a better fit, it’s a lot lighter and more stretchy too. Particularly around the cuff. A minor criticism of the previous versions were the cuffs were fine when the jacket was on but very tight to take on and off. Additionally version 3’s rear pockets were a touch high for me (a review said the same) but that has all been resolved. It’s simply fantastic. Light, supple and long enough so it doesn’t ride up your back. Its warmth belies it’s fabric thickness. With a nice big reflective panel adorning the three big pockets on the back too with some additional reflective edging on the pockets, for me, it ticks every box I need in a jacket which, to be honest at £69 delivered is half the price of any decent branded alternative.

The best jacket I ever had prior to this one was £250 RRP

It’s available in two colours + a female specific version. Black and dayglo yellow or mine, grey and orange which, if you have a grey and orange bike like me and you want to be a kit matching wanker then it’s an added bonus.

Seriously though, I can’t tell you how good this jacket is for the money. Can’t wait for version 5 and an excuse to buy another.

5 stars from me

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