Focus Booked

I’ve just pressed the button on my first big focus event of 2021. The Two Ton Tour. COVID permitting, I’ll be riding 200 miles in 2 days and climbing nearly 20,000ft to Aberystwyth and back across the Cambrian Mountains.

As I mentioned in my last blog, it’s been on my radar for a few years. I need something to focus on this year and I like a challenge, so this is it. At Β£125 it isn’t cheap but it does include an overnight stay and meals. I’m telling myself its a little birthday gift to myself, which is the week after.

I’m expecting a mix of wild scenery, plenty of escapism and some brutal climbing…and loads of beer Sunday night when I’m back home.. Should be two awesome days out on the bike.

Fingers crossed it goes ahead

5 thoughts on “Focus Booked

      1. Type II Fun
        Type 2 fun is miserable while it’s happening, but fun in retrospect. It usually begins with the best intentions, and then things get carried away. Riding your bicycle across the country. Doing an ultramarathon. Working out till you puke, and, usually, ice and alpine climbing. Also surely familiar to mothers, at least during childbirth and the dreaded teenage years.

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