Another Sufferfest?

Tomorrow sees a brief return to commuting. I’ve only actually cycled outside for two days this year so far. Which is, quite frankly appalling. A combination of laziness, poor weather mostly and not being able to plan where I’ll be at work has meant an abnormal amount of driving for me so far in 2021.

Finally though, Spring seems to be around the corner. Lighter nights are upon us and tomorrow has a balmy 11 degrees forecast so I can dispense with my winter boots and heavy gloves too.

back on the blue

For the last seven weeks I’ve been giving myself a hard time riding indoors. Just random (hard) workouts mostly. I got a bit bored with Zwift so I jumped back into The Sufferfest app and I’ve enjoyed it. The combination of race video, daft story line, pumping sound track and variable efforts and cadences throughout each one has meant I’ve been able push a little bit harder and hurt myself a bit more. I find it a lot more motivating than just riding on Zwift, watching a clock and churning out an effort. More fun in a twisted way. It also has Yoga videos I’ve convinced myself I need to try but I haven’t started yet mainly due to an annoying absence of an android app although thats in beta now and due for official release shortly.

Sufferfest by name, Sufferfest by nature

How long my motivation for it will last, I don’t know but so far so good and it will be a test tomorrow to see how I fare back on my fully-loaded commuter bike. I suspect the heart, lungs and legs will be fine. The back and my core, I’m not so sure. It could be a real-life Sufferfest. This is the problem with continual riding indoors. You lose your sense of how good you feel on a bike. All you can see are numbers

Anyway. Back on it tomorrow then back in the car as I’m in Stroud (60 miles away) for two days. Being an Area Manager sounds good but sometimes its not. I’ll try the bike again on Friday


cleaned and ready to roll again

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