A pain in the arms

I rode to work twice this week. In my last blog I explained I’ve been riding on a diet of indoor intervals for most of Jan & Feb via The Sufferfest app and although confident my fitness was ok, I was concerned my core and back wouldn’t take it.

Well it was good and bad folks. My fitness is good, the legs and lungs held their own without any real issues and in the main my back was fine too. Just a bit of tightness the next day but more concerning were my arms. I’ve developed an issue with my upper arms, in particular my shoulders. I have restricted movement and riding sends random shooting pains up my arms from my forearms and they ache…and I mean ache. For some time after I’ve stopped riding too. Taking garments off over my head hurts. Research of my symptoms sent me to the docs as they ticked the boxes of an arthritic condition but the doc seemed to think it was muscular-skeleto and referred me for physio. I’m not 100% sure what it is exactly. I don’t know whether lifting at work has done something to my tendons, is it some sort of RSI or am I just getting old and falling apart and pain is just something I’ll have to put up with. Right now a 1hr commute is bearable but last nights ride home hurt. I’m just waiting for COVID to clear to get booked in for some physio and hopefully a diagnosis. Apart from that though, the fitness and mojo is up!


I’ve just found out the Mad March Hare Sportive booked in for March 28 has moved due to COVID. Its now on May 23 but I’d already entered the Black Rat Gran Fondo 181km sportive that day now. I looked at transferring my entry to their Mad Summer Hare event in September but I can’t do that either so its now in for the 2022 event.

My Mad March Hare Sportive entry will be two years old next year. Thats mad. Literally.

So with March 28 free now, no Dan and Sally on nights what could I do? A quick scan of the calendar found the Cotswold Cross Enduro Sportive. A nice 65km on/offroad event designed for gravel, CX and MTB’s with a mix of quiet lanes, bridleways and byways. It’s a good excuse to get the Ribble CGR back out and give my posh Hunt wheels a bash. They haven’t been offroad yet!

I’m in!

With the sunshine out this weekend, I’m feeling quite focussed at the moment with events booked and rides already planned this year. I’m looking forward to writing them up afterwards!

One thought on “A pain in the arms

  1. I get pain in my upper left arm, mostly on the shoulder muscle (?) above the tricep and bicep. It was very bad last year and physio/rest sorted it out. Now I only get it on the bike when I don’t think about my position. It’s coming from my rotator cuff which is caused by poor posture. Coincidentally it’s also the arm I use for lifting when moving furniture at work. Might be worth looking at some rotator physio exercises until you get to see a pro.


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