Cube but not square

I sold my best bike yesterday. My Cube C:68 Super Litening. Off it went to the south coast to begin a new chapter amongst the sea air around Bournemouth.

It was a great bike. Super light, old skool rim brakes and pretty fast. It had a brand new transmission fitted last year and new wheel bearings plus GP5000 tyres but I just haven’t used it. With commuting and offroading so much on the gravel bike it almost became redundant except the odd road event. I’ve only used it once in anger this year at the Black Rat Fondo Sportive back in the spring and the longer I left it to move it on the more old-fashioned it became so I bit the bullet and popped it on sale last weekend. It’s served me well though. It’s been to the Alps, I’ve raced on it and completed numerous sportives on it too. It was a really fun, responsive rig. A touch aggressive and harsh as you’d expect from a race bike. It took a bit of getting used too but when you were at one with it, it handled beautifully.

The C:68 frame was the first generation frame the Wanty-Groupe Gobert pro team rode when Cube began to sponsor them

I only had one buyer interested and he bought it so that shows you how little interest there are for rim brakes these days I guess. I didn’t too bad out of it either. It’s original RRP was £3.5K, I bought it brand new for £2.5k and sold it just shy of £1.5k some 5 years later.

Do I buy a new bike? Well, I have no plans to buy one this year as we move into the Winter but with the money funding a cycling holiday next year (hopefully) and me hitting 50 years old, I may treat myself

100 miles done on it at Velo Birmingham in 2019
It was good enough for the Pro’s

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