I’ve got a bee in my bonnet people. With the dark nights closing in, I’ve developed a craving for some offroad night rides. It’s something I’ve never really done properly before. I’ve always concentrated on the road which is even more stressful than riding in daylight to be honest. So I fancy trying something different.

When I raced cyclocross a few years ago I used to go over the park to train and do 10 laps/45 mins flat out which was great. Because of the fixed beam of light, when I turned a corner I’d be looking into a dark abyss. I knew there was nothing there but it was a rush turning into the unknown for that brief moment. I fancy a bit of that again.

While I’m currently stationed in Sutton Coldfield for the foreseeable, exploring the park (it’s HUGE!) after hours on my gravel bike seems like a good idea to me. Away from traffic, roads and people. Bliss! I’ve got a good front light and decent 250 lumen headlamp I can use aswell which should be enough to see where I’m going.

Should be interesting. I’ll keep you posted

One thought on “KnightRider

  1. Spent almost two full winters riding off road trails on the MTB 2-3 nights a week and really enjoyed it. There’s something about being out in the dark on a MTB in a storm halfway up a forested mountain trail that is great fun but would be hell on the road. The rest of the group I rode with discovered Zwift the next year and I haven’t been out now for 2-3 years. I may have found another group and hope to get back to it this year 🤞


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