Come Fly With Me

Just a quick one because I’ve been a bit lax on the blogging lately. I’ve not really had much to say.

I’m off to France on Wednesday….to the Vosges en Francais…and I get to ride a bike over there which is the best bit….but I am working too. Kind of. Booo!

Moustache is a French brand of electric bike we sell. They’re based in Epinal in the Vosges region. A beautiful part of the country I once drove through on the way to ride a Gran Fondo in Italy. It’s that place sometimes featured in the Tour where the mountains are called Ballons. Great bikes too. You pay a bit of a premium for them but they are very well built and they have invited us/me to their factory for an evening tour/dinner on Wednesday night, a shimmy around their new models on Thursday morning, riding for a few hours PM, more dinner a la Francais then back home on Friday. Every silver lining has a cloud though. There is basically one flight to Basel in Switzerland, the nearest airport, and that is from Heathrow. It’s a 7.50am flight, so with check in around 6am and a 90 min drive, it’s going to be an early morning or late night whichever way you look at it. Zzzzzzzz! #firstworldproblems British Airways though. None of that cheap RyanEasy shit!

Bit niche, but great bikes.

With the surge in COVID on the continent I’ve been a bit worried about restrictions but so far as long as I have my COVID pass sorted I can get in and back with just a Day 2 Lateral Flow test do when I get back. I hope it stays that way. Also, it’s my first Euro flight post-Brexit. Will be interesting to see what difference that’s made too.

I had a sudden cold last week. No actual COVID symptoms except a headache but it came on quick enough (about 3 hrs) to make me wonder. I did a few consecutive tests which all came back neg so it was just a cold but made we wonder if that’s the new norm. Get a cold, take a test!

Epinal. Don’t look too shabby

Anyway, I might have something to write about and share after the trip.

See you then

Au Revoir!

This post is sponsored by my girlfriend Sally or Not Just Travel Sally or Sally Ward NJT whichever one you want 😉

Sally has setup her own travel agency which is part of the Hays Travel network, so pretty big. She’s a personal travel consultant which, for most people means expensive but that’s just not true. She can’t beat every internet holiday price but she’ll be better or closer than you’d think on nearly all. The benefit though is peace of mind. Just pick up the phone to her. No call centres, no problems, just her.

She booked my flights to Basel. I just shouted up the stairs. It’s that easy lol

Seriously though. If you’re going to book a holiday, just give her a bell and try her. You’ve nothing to lose. There are some great holidays available. She can book anything from experience days and flights to multi-centre round the world cruises. The only limit is your wallet, trust me.

4 thoughts on “Come Fly With Me

  1. Nice post, man. I look forward to the new normal beyond the test normal, when it’s nothing more than a bad cold and we don’t bother with a test anymore. That’s a good five years out though.


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