Hola! New pads and discs

When you ride, it’s important to be able to stop. My Ribble CGR has just not been performing recently. I’ve had a consistent front brake pad contamination problem which eventually led me to just replacing the whole brake and lever recently. Even then the brake performance gain was only marginal.

I’ve been off the bike outdoors for a few weeks due to illness, work, the weather and my COVID booster but I got back in the groove, this week, with some lovely, stressful commutes through Birmingham again. Immediately I knew the front brake issue just needed to be sorted. It was no good relying on the front, I effectively only had the rear stopping me and the pads were down to the minimum too.

My mate and work colleague called me on Monday bigging up a Moto-X accessories dealer he uses who stock brake pads and discs for bikes. He dropped in a catalogue on Tuesday and I was so impressed I setup an account via work and immediately ordered a couple of new discs and pads to try and get the bike back to braking normally before I sacked it off. It’s just annoying me.

First up, great service from Adrian at TWSGB in Ledbury. I ordered them via email and they came the next day and had them fitted at work today.

What are they you say? Well it’s a brand I’d never heard of before. They are called Galfer and they’re made in Barcelona, Spain. https://galfer.eu/bike/

First impressions are the rotors look great and the braking performance is now exponentially better on the front. I definitely needed a new rotor. Just what I wanted to get some faith back in the bike with the added bonus I picked them up at trade price!

First ride home on them tonight. Let’s hope they pay off

If anyone wants some pads and/or discs, tap me up as I have the account.

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