Unfinished Business

Two years ago a thing called COVID-19 started doing the rounds and effectively ended my holiday in Fuerteventura one week early. The police shut the bar we were in on the Saturday night and then the lockdown confined us to our hotel for the rest of the week.


On Sunday, we’re going back to pick up where we left off. Sunshine, beers and some MTB too. We’ve already been given an extra night by Jet2 because they cancelled our original flight on Monday, so the omens are looking good!

I like it hot hot hot!

Last time I took my gravel bike which was great because it was a gravel riders paradise but this time I’ve decided to hire an MTB again as I did in 2018. I think the gravel tracks are a little more suited to MTB tyres or 650b wheels and tyres on a gravel bike which I don’t have.


I’m using my usual rental place in Corralejo called Easyriders. They’ve been teasing me for months with Facebook and Instagram posts of beautiful crystal blue seas and sand dunes and it looks like they’ve got a new fleet of MTB’s in now too. Last time I hired a pretty worn Specialized Rockhopper with a shit coil spring fork but now they’ve got a brand called MMR in. Yup, no idea either.

Never heard of them. I thought it was vaccine lol but looking at their website they’re Spanish brand and look half-decent to be fair.

if the bikes are as good as the website….

The bike I’ve hired is a Woki 29 Hardtail which looks like it has a decent spec, if I actually get that bike of course. My experience of hire centre’s abroad is you don’t always get what they say but as long as it rides ok, I’m cool with that.

It’s listed as having an XT/Deore drivetrain with Rockshox Judy Silver Air forks. Ideal for me if I get that so fingers crossed and a deal at £117 for 10 days.

nice spec

I’ve got the Mad March Hare Sportive shortly after I get back to the UK so I need to do some miles over there to keep the fitness up and hopefully get a tan too. My plan is to do a couple of hours a day and take a day off after a few consecutive rides. Should be enough.

I’m also going to take my camera and mount this time to and I’ll be blogging so look out for them.

Here’s a video I cobbled together from phone footage last time I was there. Other than that, Adios and I’ll see you there!

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