We arrived in Fuerteventura yesterday afternoon and as is customary or The Law as I say it, we popped out for an early dinner after 10 hrs of travel door-to-door and what was meant to be a quick bite to eat became a 5hr session lol.

I slept like a log. A bit of a headache but a litre of water and paracetamol sorted that. After rolling out of bed and enjoying a coffee in the morning sun on our balcony I walked to the bike hire centre to pick up my MTB. An MMR Woki 29er. Who knows?


All good, a very slick n quick transaction. The bike, as I expected, wasn’t quite the spec I was lead to believe. No air fork, for example but when I got it back and checked it over I had to basically PDI it again as there were a few issues.

I always double check my hire bikes. I don’t trust anyone if I don’t know them personally

The bars were at 1 o’clock, the stem face plate bolts were screwed in completely on the bottom and there was a massive gap on the top. I had to realign the brake calipers and the rear mech hanger and headset were loose too. And just to finish it off the two tyres and the spare tube they gave me all have different valves lol. Woods, Presta and Schraeder. All in hand though and all sorted and safe with my Garmin, pump and camera fitted too. I feel like they’ll get the bike back in better shape than when I took it.

I’ll pop out for a spin this afternoon and then it’s out for a ride proper tomorrow morning few a few hours

Now back to the sun.


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