It’s our last day today and the bike goes back later. I decided to do another biggish ride to round the holiday off this morning. The weather has been a bit iffy the last couple of days with the island copping the tail end of Storm Celia which lashed Tenerife and killed a few people there it appears. We’ve had intermittent rain and the wind speed has been really up above average and today was no exception. Not dangerous but enough to make it hard work.

I left at 10am and headed out along the coast. Initially the wind was direct into my face but as the coast turned the wind became a cross-tail which was nice. The usually dry and dusty road had pockets of puddles and mud which goes to show how the heavy the rain had been overnight because any rain that does drop is usually over after a few mins and is dry and gone in a few more.

I went back off on my new trail I’ve found round the volcanoes following the tyre racks of what I think are Dune Buggys. There are quite a few dune buggy excursions you can book here. We did one a few years ago and they are great fun. The further I got into the dune the tyre tracks faded as the wind had blown sand over them and then in an instant I was off and onto a another track which I assumed must be the other way round the volcano I thought was a dead end the other day. I was right. It went right past a residence which I thought was the end of it coming the other way.

I climbed my way back up and over Volcano Alley. At the top there were about 10 ebikes all lay on the ground locked together. I assume a tour had stopped and they’d all gone to walk upto the Hondo volcano rim which is a popular tourist attraction.

Calderon Hondo

Down the other side I took a right and rode the single-ish track into Lajares. When I hit the tarmac on the outskirts of town I passed another bike tour and then the heavens opened and I got wet and cold. True to form it only lasted about 5 mins and then the sun came out and warmed me back up. I turned left and picked up a cycle path that runs parallel to the main road. I had to stop to get my bearings and find the next gravel track that climbs upto the village of Villaverde. I was about 50m away. Right onto another wide, dusty ‘Camino’. It kicked up initially then a false flat took me all the way into the village. On the main road the gradient kicked up pretty sharp before a left and I was graced with the 8km descent back to Parque Hollandes on the east coast.

The route was completely deserted. It’s like been on Mars for the first bit. As I neared the end of the track a gust of wind blew me sideways and nearly had me off as I ripped down the steepest section. Heart in mouth I stopped at the bottom and took a pic. I knew I had a tough 10 miles or so ahead of me now back to Corralejo. As I rounded the roundabout on the main road the wind hit me head on like a sledgehammer.

Life on Mars
the calm before the storm

I couldn’t get above 11-12mph, sometimes it was less than that so I just settled in. I regulated my breathing, picked a nice gear and got on with it trying to just enjoy the scenery without killing myself but jesus it was some headwind and reminded me of when I first came here and took a road bike out. The wind that day was so hard I was in first gear grinding downhill. I was nearly in tears when I got back because I honestly thought I was never going to get back. Worst headwind I’ve ever cycled in that day. This wasn’t as bad but it was bloody hard work.

I stopped for a rest under the guise of a photo in the dunes. My back and core were smarting and the sand whipped up by passing cars stung a bit but I could see the hotels in the dunes ahead and Isla Lobos in the distance so I knew the km’s were slowly counting down.

I hit the outskirts of town at exactly 50km. I rode straight back to the apartment a little bit broken from that final effort which rounded out a 2.5hr ride which was nice way to end the holiday.

Riding in Fuerteventura without wind is like trying to ride in the UK without rain. Occasionally it’s inevitable and you just have to embrace it.

I’m down to ride the Mad March Hare Sportive this weekend. It will be interesting to see if I’ve been able to maintain any fitness while I’ve been here to see that ride out. No best bike anymore so I’ll be on my Ribble CGR but I might take the guards off and pop some narrower tyres on just to make it a touch easier on the day.

I fly back tomorrow PM so adios for now.

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