Just Press The Button

I worked a rare Saturday in one of our stores yesterday to cover some annual leave. Typical then, it was a beautiful sunny morning. Knowle near Solihull is a bit of a hotbed for cyclists when the weather is good. All the Rapha wankers on their Specialized and Pinarello bikes get out of their Porsche and Audi’s to show off their bike porn. As I stood outside the front door a stream of roadies came thundering past in ones and twos and I saw a large club run out too but didn’t recognise the jersey. God, I wanted to just get on my bike and shoot off into the lanes for a couple of hours.

I got rid of my best bike, my Cube C:68 Super Litening last year. I wasn’t riding it, it was a few years old, rim brakes and probably the best chance I could to get a decent chunk of money for it. To be honest I hadn’t missed it. Probably because we’ve only just come out of Winter but yesterday I really wanted to own a nice road bike again. So this morning, here I am again, sat at my PC again, looking at it again! I’ve known what I want for over 12 months. I just need to press the button.

gone. not forgotten

I don’t need anything too fancy. Just a decent all round carbon frame, Ultegra groupset and a decent set of wheels. Step forward the Dolan Tuono Disc.

If I ever do press go I’ll take it as is with a mechanical Ultegra R8000 groupset and Hunt Aero 50 Wheels which, oddly, are currently cheaper to buy separately from Dolan than including on the bike. I’ll pimp the rings with some absoluteBlack sub-compacts (48×32) and that’ll do it for me. The geo isn’t a million miles off my Dolan GXA Gravel bike which I find super comfy. It ticks all the boxes. It has been in the shopping cart about 6 times in the past year. I just need to give my head a wobble and just press the fucking button!

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