Thick as Mince

I’ve worked in Customer Service, in some guise or another for years. Nearly all my jobs have had some form of customer-facing element so you’d think I’ve seen and heard it all but occasionally one pops up and raises the bar again in terms of how thick people really are.

In my experience, I can confidently tell you that at least two-thirds of the adult UK population are as thick as shit. Fact.

This week a colleague called me and said a customer was unhappy about how a bike was displayed on our website. He claimed it was misleading and that we should compensate him and was threatening this and that and being difficult. I try and take complaints off our front line guys ASAP so 1. the customer feels like it has been escalated promptly which makes them feel like they’re being acknowledged and 2. the staff can move on quickly and focus on sales without distraction.

My colleague had already gone some way to deal with his complaint explaining that bikes out of stock on our website are greyed out but he was having none of it and emailed us a screenshot and his complaint in writing, see below

The first issue is he contradicts himself on the first line ‘…nor does it anywhere say or give the impression this is no longer available, it just states out of stock!’ I can’t workout how out of stock can mean anything other than not available. However, he goes onto claim mis advertising by us and mentions taking it up with trading standards which, to be honest, got my back up and then he wants us to show him ‘..a little goodwill on our part’. Oh fuck off mate. So I compiled a polite reply which buried his argument.

So, to be clear Google said the bike was out of stock. If he found the bike on our website it was greyed out indicating it was out of stock and on the bike’s product page itself, every size says out of stock too. No question then the bike is unavailable….or so you would think.

Out of stock = Unavailable right?

Now usually, chancers like this idiot scurry off quietly and you never hear from them again but this one just had to have the last word

And that was that. I didn’t give him the satisfaction of a further reply. Frankly, he’s either a genuine fucking retard or just trying it on but either way I can tell you, the customer is never always right!

3 thoughts on “Thick as Mince

  1. Brilliant, the population does IMO get stupider as the years fly by!
    The bloke is defo brain dead and a massive chancer!!
    There was an article last week on the radio about people working on cruise ships. On one occasion the boat was in the middle of the Atlantic and a passenger ask a crew member if he went home every evening!!😂

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  2. I can get over the stupidity, it’s the drive for compensation that really pisses me off. It’s a bike, or a table or a chair in my case, nobody is hurt, injured or dead! Compensation my arse!


  3. I’d always suggest amount of time taken to find bike is out of stock (5 minutes) multiplied by minimum wage (£9.50) = 80p. If you’re feeling generous, you could always round it up to a pound!

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