REVIEW: Carnac Grit Shoes

It’s been a long time since a wrote a review of something. Probably because I’ve had nothing new to talk about but this time I do.

I decided to buy a pair of these just before I went to Aberfoyle, Scotland recently. I had a new bike and to be honest my current Northwave’s were a bit dated and garish and the price of the Grit’s were good at £60 so I took the plunge. After a few hundred km’s completed in them now and a fair share of shit thrown at them too, this is what I think.

a bit loud with no volume button

Sizing was pretty much spot on. I opted for the same 43 that my Northwave’s are and although a fraction tighter when brand new I knew they would stretch and be fine as they have been.

They come in sizes Euro 39-47 which is a wide enough range to suit most feet, male or female. Two colours are available. I went for Olive because it looks a bit ‘army’ but if that’s not for you they do come in a midnight blue too.

Midnight Blue

Construction consists of a breathable, synthetic upper with reinforced heel and toe box. Underneath is a grippy sole with drillings for 2 bolt spd cleats and ports to the front for (optional) mud spikes although they are not supplied.

Atop the shoes is a single boa and velcro strap to offer up a snug fit.

To be honest I initially found them a bit too tight across the top of my foot but that eased as they broke in and now they fit really well. My cleats fitted fine and engaging the shoe on and off my pedals is really easy. No impingement from the sole.

The sole isn’t mega stiff nor would I want it to be . They are a really comfy shoe to walk about in and they’ve taken a fair pasting of mud with not much moisture ingress. I found my foot hot once on a super hot-day in Scotland but sock choice may have contributed to that .The boa does what a boa does well although I do question the need for the velcro strap as I’ve never adjusted it. It’s almost there for decoration rather than practicality.

Overall they are a decent budget shoe which at £60 I’d have happily paid more for something similar in a different brand. At that price though you are not going to be bothered if they get caked or scratched. What I particularly like is the easy wipe down uppers they have which you can really spice up with a bit of, say, Muc-Off Bike Protect

Overall 4 out of 5 for the redundant velcro strap. A great value shoe and look good too I think. Simple, cheap and practical.

mine are getting hammered

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