Indoor Season

Following up from my last post about getting my Dolan GXC ready for Winter, fitting QRings and my new, uber cool Ortlieb fast rack light, I can say having ridden it a few times to work and back now with a full pannier bag I can confirm it’s a dream to ride. Smooth, quiet, well balanced.

A dream winter bike. Carbon Frame, quality hoops, best groupset

The QRings are as good as I expected. I’m quite experienced with them now having ridden them for 10+ years. Perfect. Less fatigue, smoother cadence. I find they kind of ‘fix’ my naturally stodgy pedalling technique. Going back to round is horrible and now I don’t have to.


The rack is a revelation. Seconds to fit and remove but as strong as any standard rack and very quiet with no bag movement. Perfect for me where I want to switch from commuter to rider without having to lump my empty rack around on a ride. Fitting my basic pannier bags is a tiny bit more fiddly but I will resolve that when I get a new set of Ortlieb Back Roller panniers for Xmas. (You listening! Mom and Dad!)

Incoming for Xmas (I hope!)

My attention has turned indoors now. A recent spout of bad weather has meant time spent on the ‘rack’ and my transmission was overdue an overhaul. I think I’ve had the same drivetrain on for about 8 years and done about 10,000 miles on it. I ordered a new chain and cassette from work and thought I’d dropped lucky finding a 46T 110mm BCD Qring with 62% off online. It arrived, I fitted it and then realised my actual BCD (bolt chain diameter) was 130mm FFS. I’d convinced myself for the last 10 years that I had a compact chainset and a 36T inner ring when I actually have a standard chainset and a 39T inner ring. What a div! So that’s gone back out on Ebay now to recoup some money. Since then after trying to find the correct 46T oval chainring I gave up and have decided to go 1x instead. Makes sense on a turbo trainer. Who uses 20+ gears indoors? I’ve bought a Gabaruk 40T ring which is the same as I have on my gravel bike and works well.

I fitted that today with some shorter 6mm chainring bolts. The ring sits on the outer side. Chainline is a bit of an issue at the extremes but I rarely get there on the turbo as the ERG mode in workouts adjusts to what you need to output regardless of gear and I don’t see bottom or top gear when racing or riding. Shouldn’t be an issue and I can take the front mech off now too.

So I’m 100% ready for Winter now, indoors and out. The lights are on and ready too, I just need to pedal now.


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