I’ve been writing this blog for over 6 years now. I think I can honestly say it’s no longer a fad. In fact, I quite enjoy writing about stuff I do and I’m pleasantly surprised when random people comment or say I read your post. I don’t do it for the numbers, it’s just a bit of escapism for me when I don’t ride my bike. Other people might read a book, for example. I do this instead.

I’ve been thinking about getting a proper domain name for it for years and never really done it because I didn’t really need too and I always thought I’d give up at some point. Recently, the ads have begun to annoy me so I’ve bought 36×, gone for a paid plan which loses the ads and updated the site colours and fonts. What do you think?

I quite like dark themes so I’ve tried it for a change. I think it makes pictures stand out more. Everything else is as it was.

Enjoy, Adios!

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