Is the engine back?

It’s taken me a while mainly because of a lack of training volume but my numbers seem to be back to pre-Canada in September

One of may favourite workouts on Wahoo’s SYSTM is Butter. For me it’s a decent barometer to see where my fitness is at and I feel like I bank more out of this one than some of the other HIIT sessions available.

Butter is two sets of 5 x 90 sec interval just under your MAP (Max Aerobic Power) but the twist is the ‘rest’ isn’t really rest you still have to work churning (that’s why it’s called butter!) out the power. In classic Sufferfest style, the intervals vary in intensity and cadence to spice things up too. Intervals #5, #8 and #10 are horrible.

Last night was a good session. My legs were smarting but the breathing was pretty good. Not absolutely blowing out my arse like recently which means my CV system has improved.

The numbers don’t lie. Here is last night’s effort

which is very similar to previous efforts when I was going ok

The only anomaly is that the TSS (Training Stress Score) score is much higher now on the app on all the workouts, not just this one which makes me think the algorithm has been tweaked. It would suggest I’m working harder which could imply I’m not as fit but based on how I feel I don’t think that is the case.

I’ve got a 100 mile gravel event, The Gravelton, to train for now. See you later


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