Photos are a big part of cycling. It is such a colourful, photogenic activity. Scenery, selfies and those log pile photos which have become synonymous with the gravel scene. It’s so easy to just whip your phone out and take a quick snap. We are in an Instagram generation whether we like it or not.

it’s the law

Photos are also a big part of organised events. The photographer(s) sit beside the road and record your best grimace as you tackle the steepest incline or wrestle with cramp. Then after the event you pay for a copy of that questionable memory. I have no issues with that but The Gravelton won’t have any official photographers so we’re going to flip the idea on it’s head.

We are going to have a photo/video competition. You take the photos. You share them with us and we will all vote for our favourites to decide the winners. Leave the prizes to me.

Here are the three categories

#1 – Best Selfie – the staple of any bike ride memory. Something that captures the occasion, the ride and how you feel on the day

#2 – Best Landscape/Scenery – a picture on the route showcasing the amazing scenery you will see. Urban or rural, doesn’t matter

#3 – Best Video – just a short insta-type video < 1 min capturing some action

I’ll work on how best to showcase the entries, you just need to practice your best shots.

Here are a selection of photos from some of my rides over the past few years


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