A couple of years ago I decided to rip up the floor in our utility and retile it. I ripped up all the cracked tiles. Measured and went out and bought new tiles, adhesive and grout. It was game on.

Much to Sally’s despair, two years on and the simple floor job became a refurb as I’d decided to rip the wall tiles off too. Now, over the last few months I have made some progress. The walls are complete, clad in recycled pallet wood and I’ve sorted the electrics out too, hiding and re-wiring plug sockets for the appliances. The last thing was the floor. I did go out and buy levelling compound and levelled the floor ready for tiles. That was about 3 months ago. Six weeks ago I promised I’d get it all finished by Xmas. And one week ago I still hadn’t started and then this week I decided to just get it done.

cheap, looks good

I spent a few hours planning the layout, cutting, mixing and laying about two thirds of the floor which went down ok but I woke the next day and my legs were trashed from getting up and down. I felt like I’d run a marathon or done 200 squats. I literally couldn’t walk down the stairs.

work in progress

To compound my woes I’ve realised I didn’t order enough tiles and now they are out of stock and obsolete so I can’t get anymore. I have enough to finish about 90% of what you can see but under the appliances and units they are going to be a different shade. My fault for leaving it so long. Tut Tut. My bad.

50 shades of (not my) grey

The legs are on the mend. It’s been a painful week. My hamstrings are still sore but I’ve done a couple of light rides the last couple of days which has eased the pain. Fingers crossed I’ll be good to bang out some miles over Xmas. I’m not cut-out for DIY.

Merry Xmas


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