So Far So Good

Just a quick update on the self-sealing tubes I’ve decided to go for. The theory is less mess than tubeless, more puncture protection than tube only.

Quickly, I used to have a tubeless setup on my gravel bike then flicked back to tubes because of the faff after a tyre cut then, after a double puncture, decided to retro fill my tubes with sealant to get the benefit of tubeless without the mess.

Fitting was piss easy. I’ve done a couple of rides now and to be honest you can’t tell the difference. I’ve found no effect on handling or how the bike feels. It’s obviously a touch heavier but I don’t notice that either. The weather has been pretty rotten around here. A cold snap thawed and with some additional rain in the past week the lanes are disgustingly muddy with plenty of hedges that have been cut and (touch wood!) not even a sniff of a puncture yet. So I might be lucky or the sealant is doing it’s job. Either way I’m happy I’m puncture-free, faff-free and mess free.

I think my 28mm winter tyres/tubes ae going to get some next. I was out on them yesterday. The lanes were awash with water, mud and debris and I was praying, don’t puncture. It’s got to be done for my peace of mind and at £10 RRP, it’s cheaper than a couple of tubes. #nobrainer

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