and the survey said

With almost 60 responses to my one question survey asking why riders had entered The Gravelton this week, here are the results as promised.

As respondents could choose more than one answer, the percentages are the ratio of respondents that chose that option from the total number of survey responses

The clear winner is The unique route around the City of Birmingham with 82% of you choosing that followed by The challenge. Quite interesting.

The most surprising result is the lowest response rate, The lack of paid sportive medals, t-shirts, numbers, faff etc. Given Free to Enter had nearly a 50% response, I’d have expected this one to be much higher and similar.

..and thank you. I cheekily popped myself The Organiser in there too and I didn’t come last. It’s nice to know you care lol


Well there you go. The take away seems to be, if you can come up with a unique challenge, route or event that you can ride with your mates for free, you’re onto a winner.

Awesome. Thank you to those that took the time to respond.


..and the survey said

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