It’s been a while, years probably, since I made a big purchase on impulse. Today I momentarily lost the plot and pressed the button a new set of hoops. Deep section carbon wheels no less from my current favourite wheel manufacturer, Scribe Cycling.

I’ve opted to go for their sort of entry-level Inception range @ £695, 50mm deep, which are not superlight but still light enough to make a difference on the road. The plan is to couple them up with a set of 28mm Schwalbe Pro One’s, possibly tubeless (haven’t decided yet) and use them in my Dolan GXC. I don’t have a fast road bike anymore.

I have a 120km Audax in a couple of weeks and with riding there and back, it’s going to be a 150km+ day and I need any help I can get.

Who knows, if they look bling enough I might hijack them for my best gravel wheels

Enjoy your weekend


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