I’ve just checked and its been 5 weeks since I last posted on here about a Race Face. Well things have gone a bit south since then.

Some weeks ago I suddenly started to get quite a wheezy chest and an annoying cough. Initially I thought it might be the new cat we had, Mr Cole, as I am allergic to cats if I rub their fur too vigorously or wipe my eyes after stroking them. I dismissed this as I was fine for the first week we had him. Then I thought it might be hay fever but it’s a bit too early for that and then I thought it might be stress-induced because work has been pretty intense recently. Checking online and the symptoms fitted but I was getting worse when I just got in the car to drive somewhere nice. Really odd.

Mr Cole. He’s a cat not a bat

I tried to just live with it and carry on riding. Zwift was hard as I was coming off the bike really wheezy and out on the road it was slightly better but my breathing was always compromised. All this time though my conscience was telling the me old rule, if its above your neck it’s ok to ride, if its below it’s not. After a couple of weeks I decided to get a Salbutamol inhaler which helped a bit when I was wheezy but just hasn’t worked.

Then a week last Thursday I did a 40 min race on Zwift, popped after 20, got off the bike and felt like I was having an asthma attack. I just couldn’t breath out so I’ve sacked the bike off since assuming I must have a virus.

Yesterday was the Mad March Hare Sportive and reluctantly I had to give it a miss. I haven’t even had chance to ride my new wheels yet which I bought them for

currently redundant

I have been quite low recently and I think a combination of stress, work, lack of sleep has run me down and I’ve picked up a virus which I’m now having to wait to clear although I do feel a bit better today.

I’m going to Lanzarote in a few weeks, I just hope I get better in time to get some riding in before I go

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