(NOT) Back in the Game

Last time I posted I told you how I’d developed asthma symptoms some weeks ago. Well last weekend I finally shifted what was probably a virus. It was an absolute pain in the arse. No more wheezing, coughing, no more inhaler needed all day. I even got a 35 min ride in on Zwift to test the lungs and all clear. Bring on the the Rocky montage back to fitness then. Well…..

On Saturday I decided to remove the old Fridge Freezer we’ve just replaced. After pulling it out of its home in the utility and manoeuvring it onto a sack truck with the help of Sally. We moved it out the side door over the lip, down a step and got ready to drop it down another step onto the drive. All was well. It was under control. I dropped it off the step carefully and it wobbled so I reached out to steady it and my back literally caved in. Like someone had took a knife to my lower back, stuck it in and twisted it.

I sank to the ground unable to walk initially. Sally, bless her, managed to catch the freezer and then helped me into the house. I was fucked.

That night I couldn’t sleep in bed and had to kip on the sofa in pain. I managed 3-4 hrs sleep but at 6am I needed the loo. 15 mins later after a crawl on all fours I made it. Since then I’ve been on the tens machine, I’ve had to wear a back brace and the docs have prescribed me some super strength co-codamol. My back currently resembles the S on the front of a superman fancy dress outfit.

Thank you to my neighbour Pat who slipped me some drugs over the fence until I could speak to a doctor πŸ˜‰

Shuffling around the house hunched over like an 99yr old man, I can just feel my fitness ebbing away. I just hope it improves in time for my holiday to Lanzarote in 2 weeks.

I do have a history of back problems having had a double-prolapsed disc about 10 years ago which took a lot of money and physio to fix. Apart from the odd twinge since when I get dehydrated, I didn’t see this coming and I feel like I’m back where I was 10 years ago.

The only silver lining is I’m pretty confident my discs are ok and it’s just muscles which will heal and ease off in time. I’m just impatient. Plus I’m getting some quality, drug-fuelled sleep at the moment too.


4 thoughts on “(NOT) Back in the Game

  1. Shit man! πŸ˜” Mine went like that once and the doc had to come visit I was that bad, similar to what you describe having to crawl to the toilet 😳 Doc prescribed (among other drugs) valium and that had me walking within 2 hours, it was like a magic cure. See if they will prescribe that for you, I found cocodomol just masked the pain and made me feel stupid!


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