The One Weak Back

Managed a pedal today. Just a 35 min easy spin on Zwift. Not bad given it’s only been a week since I did my back. Yesterday I managed to finally stand up straight and stretch it after a hot bath.

I dropped the co-codamol last night too. It’s been great for sleep and pain relief but they’ve left me with a lingering headache all day and feeling a bit meh! And I’m continuing with my tens machine for massage. That’s been a god-send.

Apparently co-codamol+ constipation is a thing. I can reassure you this is true. Let’s just say torpedoes became shot pellets and leave it there. #TMI

The ride was ok this morning. Getting on and off the bike was fine, sitting up made the back twinge so I stayed on the bars for support. After so many weeks off the bike my head still thinks my breathing is shit because of the virus when it’s actually I’m just unfit now. I’ve put on a chunk of weight too so that’s a focus but with a two week holiday coming up in 10 days, that might have to be put on hold.

I’m hiring an MTB in Lanzarote so a bit of warm weather and no work I hope will be the catalyst for some quality training I need now ready for The Gravelton on May 20.

…cue the Rocky montage but don’t press play yet

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