Always in 3’s

What a shit spring so far. A month+ long virus, I’ve done my back and now I’ve got a painful ear infection. FFS, give me a break.

My back is ok now, about 95% fixed I’d say. I couldn’t walk for a couple of days then I was able to shuffle about hunched over like an old(er) man. An intense diet of the tens machine, hot, cold and stretching eventually got me standing straight which then released my back enough to allow me to stretch even more.

I’ve managed a few bike rides since with the only niggle being the back is a bit stiff if I sit too long in one spot but on the bike it’s fine. It’s just my fitness that needs some improvement now.

About a week ago I woke up with a bit of a tender inner ear. I thought I’d slept funny on one of my ear buds and just left it. It seemed to improve a bit then this week it’s slowly got worse and then got really sore and tender last night. The pain spread down behind my ear and I can feel it when I move my jaw now. Obviously some kind of infection

I’m going to Lanzarote on Tuesday so I needed to do something fast. My doctors are closed at the weekend so I called the NHS 111 line for first time this morning and I have to say., not being the NHS’s greatest fan, I had a good experience.

I had to go through 3 or 4 menu’s and then came the message about experiencing high volumes of calls blah blah blah and I could do it online. I expected quite a wait so while I was on hold I started the online process at the same time. After about a minute, to my surprise, a nice lady answered and took me through some standard questions and then booked me call back from an out of hours GP within 2 hrs. I was quite impressed.

90 mins later the doc called. He went into a bit more detail with me and told me I probably had an outer ear infection and prescribed me some antibiotics and ear drops. and advised me the prescription is with the pharmacy and should be ready in a few minutes. Blimey!

A bit later this morning I went and picked them up (£19.30 though FFS) and started my drugs. Hopefully I should see some improvement in the next couple of days before I fly.

They say bad things come in three’s, hopefully that’s my lot now and I can enjoy the rest of the year pain and illness free.

My general opinion of the NHS is that on the whole it isn’t really fit for purpose but today was a refreshing surprise. The operator and the doctor that dealt with me were a credit to the service.

I’ll be blogging on holiday so Adios for now

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