Easy Spin

Just a quick spin down the coastal path yesterday to Arrecife. I woke up feeling a bit meh. Probably a combination of the travel, not the best sleep in an unfamiliar bed and 6 beers the night before LOL.

The night started well. A fantastic Indian meal then a walk about. It was here we found a small tap house that served a locally brewed IPA. It was a really tasty beer almost tropical but @ 5.8% ABV, I think the second one was one too many.

I woke up groggy and no amount of coffee or food could lift the lethargy. I had a sleep in the afternoon which helped and then late PM decided to get my ass out and go for a quick spin down the coast to Arrecife. A recce for ride Sally and I are talking about doing on ebikes.

The coastal path is about 100m from our apartment so I was straight on it. A wide open, shared path that runs out and then the real cycle path takes over.

The cycle paths are quite quiet so you can get a lick on but I was happy to just pootle along and enjoy the views out to sea and soak up the sea air.

The path almost runs unbroken the 10km or so into Arrecife except for about half a mile of road and a spot where the path is still under construction. A quick detour across some gravel is necessary.

On the way I encountered the active travel equivalent of the Stelvio. A steep path that climbs up sharply before a descent into the town. Sally will need an ebike is useful here.

A mini Stelvio

Arrecife is nice. A waterfront town with plenty of cafe’s and bars to enjoy and lovely views of the harbour and marinas.

I carried on through town and picked up the path again and wanted to get to the Airport to do a some plane spotting but a stretch of path alongside some beachfront homes where cycling was prohibited and time didn’t allow that so I turned and retraced by route back home stopping off on the way when I spotted an actual ship wreck slowly being eaten by the sea.

how I felt this morning

Home. The sun had begun to ease off and the slight breeze had made it a refreshing, flat spin. Just what the body and mind ordered.

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