Almost a Day Off

Just a quick 12km spin around the resort this morning to loosen my legs. I thought I’d pick up some of the bike trails upto the Montana de Tanagiche extinct volcano that sits behind and overlooks the town.

Initially they were fine. Just a simple gravel path that ran parallel to the road but when it went off piste and the gradient went up things got quite messy. Trying to climb 20% volcanic rock gardens is quite hard because of your low speed. I had to stop and push a few times because I lost traction. One descent was a very skiddy, foot dabbing affair before I’d had enough and rode back to the road and finished off with a spin around the resort. No point risking a fall as rocks hurt.

We’ve hired a car from tomorrow for a couple of days, so we’ll get to see a bit more of the Island and we’re planning on doing some night sky viewing at the Penas del Chache Observatory tomorrow night. I am still planning a ride to it as it’s the highest point on the island but that will be quite a big one I think so I need to be rested first.

hopefully no light pollution when we go

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