About me


I started this blog in July 2016 when I went to the Alps to ride for a week on my own and decided to write about it for something to do in my chalet during my downtime. I needed a ‘cool’ name for my blog and simply went for the lowest gear I had on my bike at the time – 36×25. Simple really.

I’m just an early-50’s guy who is a dad-first these days. I have cycled for 30+ years. I’ve raced cross, MTB, track, TT and road. Won a few ‘chipper’ races and placed in a few more. Nothing amazing, just local stuff. I’ve ridden for a few cycling clubs over the years. I began at Bromsgrove Olympique when I was 16. I then raced for Team Sabre which then merged with Wyre Forest CRC. I then setup my own club, Cult Racing, but that ended in 2018 so I’m now club free.


In 2010 I opened my cycle shop and ran that until 2015 when I decided to move on from the industry. I took just over a year out and then came back. I am now working in the industry again for an electric bike retailer.

I also organised the first seven editions of the Mad March Hare sportive which continues to raise a lot of money for charity. A legacy I’m proud of.

I no longer race so I’ve found new challenges like touring, the odd sportive or a planned long ride. I love planning a route, doing the ride then writing about it after. I particularly like riding offroad now or gravel as the industry calls it and own a couple of bikes. My superfast, carbon road bike is a thing of the past. Comfort trumps speed these days.

The other things I like in life are beer, specifically real ale, cake baked by my girlfriend and I do like riding indoors through the Winter. I’m an occasional Zwift and Sufferfest fan.