Hola! New pads and discs

When you ride, it's important to be able to stop. My Ribble CGR has just not been performing recently. I've had a consistent front brake pad contamination problem which eventually led me to just replacing the whole brake and lever recently. Even then the brake performance gain was only marginal. I've been off the bike … Continue reading Hola! New pads and discs

Review: Mistral Foul Weather Jacket

I've just got back from a 100min+ ride in 4 degs, with a wind chill probably taking it down to about 1 or 2 degs, maybe lower in parts. I was warm and comfortable. I was wearing my Galibier Mistral Foul Weather Jacket. Lets talk about it for a mo. Cards on the table first. … Continue reading Review: Mistral Foul Weather Jacket

Review: Galibier Barrier Deep Winter Gloves

First up, it's been a while since my last blog in November. Life just gets in the way sometimes but now I have a week off I'll be posting a couple more blogs and getting back into the weekly routine again in the new year. Right, so let's talk about these gloves. Given to me … Continue reading Review: Galibier Barrier Deep Winter Gloves

Review: Muc-Off Dry Lube

I don't normally use Muc-Off products (too expensive) but last year I featured in the company mag and won a bucket of cleaning products and lubes from them, so there was no reason not to try it then Up until that point my go to for cleaning and lubes was Morgan Blue which I used … Continue reading Review: Muc-Off Dry Lube

Continental GP 5000 tyres : First Impressions

Having worn out my beloved Schwalbe One tyres last season, I'd stuck on a set of Serfas Seca RS last winter which I used to sell in my shop. Great all-round tyres but markedly slower. I craved some more speed after spending lockdown reviewing rolling resistance's, watts, aero testing video's and anecdotal reviews from riders … Continue reading Continental GP 5000 tyres : First Impressions

Review: Axiom EnforceAir HP mini-pump

As its a day off off today in Fuerteventura, thought I'd write a quick review of the new pump I bought to assist pumping my tyres up when I got here. As CO2 canisters are essentially banned on planes now, I needed something better than an emergency mini-pump to inflate my tyres when I got … Continue reading Review: Axiom EnforceAir HP mini-pump