Resolution Rides #7 and #8

As I alluded to in my last Resolution Ride blog in August, work and life got in the way of completing one every calendar month in 2020 as I'd originally planned so I've decided to play catch up and just get 12 of them done in the year. My ride to Babbacombe, Torquay this week … Continue reading Resolution Rides #7 and #8

Babbacombe Day 3

I woke up like a coiled spring again but a hot bath and an extended stretch before and after breakfast sorted that. I left at almost 11am on the dot, the time counting from zero when I pressed the button which weirded me out for a sec. I rode out of the Premier Inn onto … Continue reading Babbacombe Day 3

Babbacombe Day 2

I woke this morning quite woozy.  Broken sleep due to a different bed and the room being too hot meant I was up a few times in the night. I showered and rolled over for Breakfast at 9.45am. The restaurant was nearly empty. I smashed a full english washing it down as, annoyingly, the (decent) … Continue reading Babbacombe Day 2

Resolution Ride 6 of 12

The astute of you will realise that Ride #6 of my 100km ride a month challenge I called my Resolution Rides should have been done two months ago in June. Unfortunately work got in the way, stressed me out and killed my mojo for it. Now I'm in a new job I enjoy. I'm commuting … Continue reading Resolution Ride 6 of 12

Resolution Ride 5 of 12

Its that time again. Another 100km ride to do for May. I'd originally planned to do it yesterday but postponed it a day due to the high winds. As lockdown restrictions have been eased a bit, I felt a bit more comfortable venturing further afield this month. Deciding what to do and where to go … Continue reading Resolution Ride 5 of 12

Resolution Ride 4 of 12

Well today is a day off. Originally booked for my mini-weekend tour to Radnorshire. Today was Day 1, a ride to Presteigne, then tomorrow was supposed to be my April Resolution Ride around the Radnor Ring route (130km) and then a simple ride home on Sunday. Some cow called Pam Demic kiboshed that so I … Continue reading Resolution Ride 4 of 12

Resolution Ride 3 of 12

Coronavirus is here and its causing a LOT of disruption. We are in LOCKDOWN. People are ill, people are dying, idiots are clearing out supermarkets and any event or non-essential business has been cancelled or closed for at least the next few weeks. And its only going to get worse before it gets better. Its … Continue reading Resolution Ride 3 of 12

Resolution Ride 2 of 12

Its been a bad month. Storm after storm, record rainfall, highest flood levels in a generation. Not conducive to getting a 100km ride in. Today was shit or bust for February's ride. My Resolution Rides are my challenge to complete a 100km ride every month in 2020. January's Resolution Ride is here It was all … Continue reading Resolution Ride 2 of 12