Resolution Rides #7 and #8

As I alluded to in my last Resolution Ride blog in August, work and life got in the way of completing one every calendar month in 2020 as I'd originally planned so I've decided to play catch up and just get 12 of them done in the year. My ride to Babbacombe, Torquay this week … Continue reading Resolution Rides #7 and #8

Babbacombe Day 3

I woke up like a coiled spring again but a hot bath and an extended stretch before and after breakfast sorted that. I left at almost 11am on the dot, the time counting from zero when I pressed the button which weirded me out for a sec. I rode out of the Premier Inn onto … Continue reading Babbacombe Day 3

Babbacombe Day 2

I woke this morning quite woozy.  Broken sleep due to a different bed and the room being too hot meant I was up a few times in the night. I showered and rolled over for Breakfast at 9.45am. The restaurant was nearly empty. I smashed a full english washing it down as, annoyingly, the (decent) … Continue reading Babbacombe Day 2

Rack, bags and how much rubber?

Last Tuesday I did a ride to work across Brum with my bikepacking rear bag. A kind of dress rehearsal for this week's ride to Torquay. Its the first time I've had a real chance use it loaded with kit. the bikepacking bag loaded ready for a test ride Despite being a bit wobbly and … Continue reading Rack, bags and how much rubber?

Babbacombe on down

Accommodation booked. Routed sorted. My 3 day amble down to Babbacombe in 3 weeks is on. After spending a bit of time on the routes, my favourite bit of this sort of stuff, I decided riding 90 miles from Gloucester to Taunton on Day 2 was a bit much and unnecessary so I've moved things … Continue reading Babbacombe on down

Down to the Downs

Finally I get to do a bit of touring on my bike this year. I'd planned a mini 3 day tour to Radnorshire in April but COVID killed that idea off sadly. Luckily though, Sally had booked a self-contained apartment in Babbacombe, Torquay in September for a long weekend with her mom and we were … Continue reading Down to the Downs