Lock down in Ghost town

Since midnight last Saturday, Corralejo, like the rest of the Canary Islands and mainland Spain has been in a state of lockdown. A Royal Decree effectively closed all businesses and now people are only allowed out to get food, go to the bank, pharmacy, visit dependents or to work. Life has become very quiet and … Continue reading Lock down in Ghost town

My Carona

Rewind 5 days and I arrived in Fuerteventura escaping the cold, miserable weather and the panic-buying with bike in tow ready to enjoy some sea, sun, beer and riding. By Saturday night that had all gone south. Here is what happened On our 4th night here, we'd eaten Tex Mex at Done Pepe's, a local … Continue reading My Carona

Rough and the Smooth

It was a long day yesterday travelling, unpacking and then going out for some food, beer and music last night. I was probably up 18hrs and it was telling when I woke this morning. A bit groggy from such a long day compounded with an extra beer or two I probably should have passed on. … Continue reading Rough and the Smooth