Ride of the Year 2018

Time for a quick look back at my rides in 2018 and see what stands out as my Ride of the Year. I've done more miles this year than I have in over 10 years. Most of them have been simple, sometimes boring commutes to and from work but there have been a few 'special' … Continue reading Ride of the Year 2018

Cycle paths the Corralejo way

We know the European attitude towards cycling as a sport, a recreation and a mode of transport is way ahead of ours. Years, probably decades even. Its a shame but change is coming. The Cycle Superhighways in London have proved, beyond doubt, people will use them, congestion is less and the air-quality improves despite the … Continue reading Cycle paths the Corralejo way

Fuerte-adventure – Day 2

So its day 2 of my MTB Fuerte-adventure but I woke with a problem. The apartment has a back door with a security gate across it. I opened said gate fine last night but trying to close it, the lock seized and I pulled a muscle in my neck somehow. Bloody kills. Can't tilt my … Continue reading Fuerte-adventure – Day 2

MTB – been a while

Bagged a few firsts for me today. First time riding a 29er other than a car park test ride, first time mountain biking in Fuerteventura and it was like first time mountain biking ever as its been that long since I rode one in anger. I've been trying to work out the last time I … Continue reading MTB – been a while