Ride of the Year 2018

Time for a quick look back at my rides in 2018 and see what stands out as my Ride of the Year. I've done more miles this year than I have in over 10 years. Most of them have been simple, sometimes boring commutes to and from work but there have been a few 'special' … Continue reading Ride of the Year 2018

The week after the week before

It was always going to take a while..... Recovering from my week away on my cycle tour. On a diet of 12 mile commutes and a bit of Zwift racing, I somehow managed 26.5 hrs of cycling and 40,000ft of climbing that week over 6 consecutive days. Now I have recovered its easy to look … Continue reading The week after the week before

10 things I learned this week

I'm bored.com today. Literally nothing to do. I'm on a come-down and feeling like I should be doing something despite aching all over. I've been thinking about the past week this morning. Here are 10 things I've learned this week Planning is key If you plan, chances of things going wrong are minimised. You'll see … Continue reading 10 things I learned this week

Tour Day 6 – Report card

I think yesterday took more out of me than I thought. I slept heavy and drank 1.5 litres of San Pelligrino which didn't see the other end. I woke with a bit of thick head too which was probably dehydration given I'd soaked up that much water. The forecast was dry but it looked like … Continue reading Tour Day 6 – Report card

Day 6 – Oswestry – Bromsgrove

Only I could make the last day the longest at 75 miles. I'm out of the BIG hills but its still got some stiff climbs and 1700m of climbing on it. I shadow the A5 through the lanes to Shrewsbury and then onto Ironbridge where I'll probably stop. From here I was undecided how to … Continue reading Day 6 – Oswestry – Bromsgrove

Tour Day 5 – Report card

First up an admission. I was broken yesterday. I think a combination of fatigue from days getting longer and harder and a lack of sleep caught up with me. My legs were empty and all I could do was just get through it and think of a hot bath. I fell asleep on the sofa … Continue reading Tour Day 5 – Report card

Day 5 – Glan Conwy – Oswestry

I turn for home today. Its another day like Day 1. 55 miles. Rolling terrain with a couple of stiff climbs. The first is literally out of the door. I leave my mom and dads and 50 metres later, BOOM! I'm climbing without a warm up and full of breakfast. The route meanders through the … Continue reading Day 5 – Glan Conwy – Oswestry

Tour Day 4 – Report Card

Finally got some decent rest last night. After a couple of restless nights I managed a solid 6 or 7 hours. I woke to a slightly brighter day. My mobile said it was 2 degs outside though and popping the TV on in my room a weather front was on its way in from the … Continue reading Tour Day 4 – Report Card

Day 4 – Bala – Glan Conwy

Today is a short day for a couple of reasons. I'm staying at my mom and dads for the night so I can spend more time with them. Its my dads birthday tomorrow so we can go out for a meal, I can get my kit washed and dried and I'll need the rest after … Continue reading Day 4 – Bala – Glan Conwy

Tour Day 3 – Report card

They say the difference a day makes. I think Wales thought I'd topped up my tan enough today and through it all at me. The writing was on the wall when I looked out of the window. Blue skies had given away to moody, grey clouds. It was an omen for later. Before I set … Continue reading Tour Day 3 – Report card