Oval time

I finally received my Garbaruk GRX Oval chainring from Poland last week. About 3 days delivery via DHL from there once they had processed my order after New Year. Quite impressive given the issues I've seen around some deliveries from the EU since Brexit. Today was the first chance I had to fit it. First … Continue reading Oval time

Colour for the soul

Its November. It's dark, it's drab. I can be impulsive sometimes. I fancied a bit of colour. So I did. I rode to Sutton Coldfield last week and picked up a slow puncture. Standard setup. Check the tyre, change the tube, get back on my way except this was one of those rare fuck ups. … Continue reading Colour for the soul

Ta dah! New bike

I've just pressed the button a new bike. Woops, sorry about that! If I really wanted to be pedantic its unnecessary. Honestly I could get by with what I have but here's why I think I need one. You decide. 18 months ago I bought a Ribble CGR AL. It has been good little workhorse. … Continue reading Ta dah! New bike