Dark nights, Dark side again

It wasn't too long ago I was bemoaning paying for Zwift through a lack of use and suspending my membership. At that time it was suspended until early November but this week I signed on again. Here's why. I blame my new job. I've gone from a regular 9-5 job either working in an office … Continue reading Dark nights, Dark side again

Les Deux Alpes – Rouvy VR

My first ever stream riding Rouvy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpwX7Tj18XA&feature=youtu.be I used to use Rouvy a lot a couple of years ago and I used to use this climb in particular as a fitness test. Its a steady 7-8% average gradient with a climb time just over 30 mins. If you're short of time, which you inevitably are … Continue reading Les Deux Alpes – Rouvy VR

VR -Colle delle Finestre

I decided to go back to my roots a bit yesterday with a bit of VR on the turbo. Before I embarked on all things Zwift, I used to use an app call Virtualtraining which subsequently became known as┬áRouvy. Unlike Zwift's impressive game like graphics, Rouvy offers Real-life VR. Videos of actual footage of rides … Continue reading VR -Colle delle Finestre