Power Lower

I haven't done much road riding or commuting (or blogging either!) the past month with Christmas and the last two weeks of rain, snow and ice to contend with, so I've been banging out reasonably regular but random workouts on Zwift. You know, the ones where you repeatedly cough up a lung, bleed from your … Continue reading Power Lower

Wahoo! New Toy

Not so long ago I almost gave up the turbo trainer. Mojo waning and an unused Zwift subscription leaving my bank account every month meant indoor rides were sometimes working out at £3 & £4 each! Madness. Fast forward to October's miserable, cold, dark nights again and the mojo for the rack was back on … Continue reading Wahoo! New Toy

Dark nights, Dark side again

It wasn't too long ago I was bemoaning paying for Zwift through a lack of use and suspending my membership. At that time it was suspended until early November but this week I signed on again. Here's why. I blame my new job. I've gone from a regular 9-5 job either working in an office … Continue reading Dark nights, Dark side again

I’m virtually done

I've come to a crossroads. I've looked both ways and decided to go in a direction I never thought I would. I've suspended my Zwift membership pending cancellation. WTF!!! I have dozens of blog posts and streamed videos of rides and races on Zwift going back a couple of years. Its ironic then that only … Continue reading I’m virtually done

WTRL Saturday Crit – Round 5

Course: London Classique Reverse Distance: 40km/ Lead in + 6 laps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-a2SRNTRo_c&feature=youtu.be With big guns missing, probably riding the Ventoux on the L'Etape du Tour Stage this morning, I awoke with a hangover (Birthday yesterday!) and found the will to try a race this afternoon. Tired and with legs hungover from a couple of tough … Continue reading WTRL Saturday Crit – Round 5

L’Etape du Tour – Stage 2

Course: Casse-PattesDistance: 47km/2 Laps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGVm-IS84o0 I got to ride the new Tour de France roads in Zwift today. Two Laps of the Casse-Pattes course which takes in the outer loop and includes a short climb to the aqueduct and a tougher climb called the Petit KOM. I think about 3000 riders were signed up although … Continue reading L’Etape du Tour – Stage 2

Fast ‘n’ Furious Team CLS Racing S5

Course: Tempus Fugit Distance: 2 Laps/37km https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv3cKBDQ6es&feature=youtu.be I've done only three Zwift races since the start of March. It was really cold outside today so I decided to do some intensity indoors for a change so I didn't have to put on all my winter clobber again. I've been riding my gravel bike everywhere since … Continue reading Fast ‘n’ Furious Team CLS Racing S5

Stage 2 Race – Tour of Watopia 2020

Course: Sand And Sequoias Distance: 1 Lap / 23km https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTmtYQeabfU&feature=youtu.be Sometimes, after a Sunday and Monday off and a Tuesday morning ride I can be super strong on a Tuesday night so rather than just do a ride I entered a race tonight. Faffing like normal I left it late to setup, calibrate and do … Continue reading Stage 2 Race – Tour of Watopia 2020

Stage 1 Race – Tour of Watopia 2020

Course: Watopia Flat Distance: 20km (2 Laps) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZonDPw23mk&feature=youtu.be Today was my last ride in the UK for a while. No bike to commute on as its boxed ready for my flight to Fuerteventura tomorrow to ride some GRAVEL! A quick Zwift race was on the cards to tie me over so I picked a hard … Continue reading Stage 1 Race – Tour of Watopia 2020

3R Tick Tock Flat Race

Course: Tick Tock Distance: 1 Lap -19km https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsduQX-WEWc Two races in two days, a bit brutal and even more so being 1 lappers. I was going to ride an earlier race up the Alpe but I couldn't find my HR strap so I jumped in this one instead. It was quite a big field in … Continue reading 3R Tick Tock Flat Race