Monday Moan – commuting in traffic

I commute like many keen cyclists. Rush hour, its probably the busiest time of the day on the roads and as commuters we are most likely at some point during our rides,to hit a queue of traffic or meet a slow moving line of vehicles.

My moan is simple. Drivers have a lot of space to place their vehicle in that line of traffic but a few (actually more than a few) ignorant or arrogant ones seem to think it is OK to allow more space between the white line to the right of the car than on the left, very often leaving little or no space to pass on the inside. I understand there are roads that are too narrow and I understand some vehicles are too big but a lot of the time when I’m cycling up or down the A38, for example, where there is 3 to 4 foot either side of an articulated lorry and some car drivers leave you a foot by the kerb and 6 foot the other side, it drives me mad. I’ve taken to tapping on the rear window now and politely ‘educating’ some, particularly the ones checking their Facebook feed.

I’ve been cycling for early 30 years now. Traffic has increased a lot and driving standards have decreased markedly. I don’t particularly know the reason why driving standards have decreased and I don’t really know what the solution is but generally I’d say drivers need to be more aware of other road users.  A regular test? A refresher course? Driver tuition to include cycling in traffic? Maybe some or all of the above, there maybe other answers but until there is a culture change about cycling in this country, the vehicle vs cyclist debate will persist.

What do you think?


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