Good taste

It appears I can spot a bargain and have good taste. have voted the Ribble CGR AL No#2 in their 2019 Best Gravel Bike of the Year, secured Bargain Buy status and came in No#3 and No#10  in the Commuter Bike and Bike of the Year categories too.

Its a great all-rounder

To be honest, I do take these reviews with a bit of a pinch of salt. OK, they test a decent amount of bikes and brands all year round and to be fair don’t get sucked into just going for the big bike brands but it is nice to see your choice vindicated even if the reviews are very subjective and talk a bit of bollocks about ‘compliance’ for example just to pad an article out.’s Bike of the Year was a £750 Triban RC500 Disc from Decathlon!

The thing with this award that made me look was that despite all the build options available the award focussed on the same Shimano 105 R7000 hydro spec as mine. They point out the value for money at its RRP of £1399, so lucky then I got it at £1299 on Cycle to Work! I think I’ve paid about £62 a month for last 12 months for mine. Now that IS value for money!

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