Chinese clone

I can’t remember the last time I broke or wore out a pair of pedals. My Eggbeaters used to seize up occasionally after a season of cyclocross but the bearings were shit and you bought a service kit to keep them going anyway. For most brands they just keep going, eventually wear out then you throw them away.

Well whilst riding to work last week I noticed my right cleat was loose on my Wellgo SPD’s and I had to keep flipping them round to the other side to get clipped in securely. I popped them on my gravel bike for another ride and the same happened and while cleaning afterwards, I noticed the spring tension screw had broken. I just pulled it out the back of pedal. Time for a new pair then.

Readers of my blog know I like to find a bargain and I think I’ve done it again. Pedals get battered so no need to spend silly money.

I wanted some SPD pedals, you know the dual-sided MTB-type. I didn’t want to pay £40 for the Shimano M520’s most people have so I started poking around on eBay and I stumbled on some called Zeray. No idea. Obviously some chinese brand but they were £31 delivered and about 80 grams lighter than 520’s too. Bonus. So I took a punt.

They came this week. Fitting was simple with an 8mm allen key. Clicking in was no fuss and probably a bit more of a click than I’d had on the Wellgo’s. Getting out was simple too, a simple twist and again a bit stiffer and definite in feel. Riding them was great. You couldn’t tell if I was riding those, M520’s or my old Wellgo’s to be honest. 10/10 for doing what they’re supposed to do

Zeray off eBay

Then, randomly, I started looking at the Cube Bikes website tonight. Initially saddlebags because I want another one so I don’t have to share one between the Dolan and Ribble then as I flicked through the pages of components I dropped on pedals and I found their RFR Click MTB Race Pedals, which look uncannily like the Zeray eBay jobbies I’d bought. The main differences being about £30 and a logo.

Cube gear is decent so I’m more than happy with that!


Cube RFR Click MTB Race pedals

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