Sit up man!

Happy New Year! I blitzed (about) eight pints last night. I was playing beer bingo at a real ale pub working down the list lol. I wasn’t too bad this morning, just tired with a bit of a headache but I’ve been very lethargic all day.

Well now the new year is here, it means a bit of change in focus for me. I’m intent on getting my body in better shape. Not fitness really, just being able to function better.

Recently I’ve noticed how bad my back is getting when I walk or stand for any period of time. It tightens up like a coiled spring. I’ve had back problems for years after I suffered a double prolapsed disc from all the bending and twisting I had to do in my cycle shop. After a lot of physio, I got that fixed of sorts and I’ve being maintaining it with stretching but it needs a bit more care now.

The key to a good back is good core fitness, that’s your body’s back protection system so like a million other January, lets-get-fit wannabe’s I’ve bought a sit up bench! Before you laugh though I did get a bargain. It’s £40 at Argos and I bagged a boxed, brand new one from someone just down the road for £25. Worth a punt for that! No idea why they had a new one boxed though. Ignorance is bliss.

could be great or a complete waste of money

I’ve got it to simply give me something to focus on to help my core. So I’ve decided to do a 30 day sit up challenge through Jan like I did this time last year. That worked really well but I finished it and then just gave it all up and lost all the progress I made. I’ve banged out 20 today. I should be doing 140 in a month which is a sobering thought.

Next thing I need to do is dry out a bit. Not a dry January but just cut back on the drink. To be honest I’m a bit sick of it. It becomes a habit rather than enjoyable so some time off can only be a good thing.

Then I need to get some physio on my shoulder. I’m convinced I have a rotator cuff issue in my left shoulder which was causing some mobility issues but I’m also convinced my three covid jabs have done something to the muscle in my upper arm too and made it a whole lot worse. Since them I now can’t, without pain, put my left hand in my rear pocket when on the bike. I’m speculating but it’s needs sorting.

I’ve got to get my right foot sorted too. I just can’t shake off the Plantur Faciitis. It comes and goes. To form its always worse when I wake up. Some days I can hobble like a 90 year old, other days it’s not so bad. I did have it in my left foot too and I bought some insoles which sorted that side and have helped the right but no cure. I might have to physio that too. Maybe acupuncture. My mate recommended someone who cured his with a few sessions.

And then the last thing is my left wrist which I hurt in France at the end of November. It’s very slowly improving. It aches quite a lot when just holding the bars and braking but changing up and down on the front rings is a struggle. Worse case I probably cracked a bone, so time is only going to heal that. It’s frustrating though because I want to do some press ups too but the shoulder and wrist can’t take it at the moment.

So that’s my plan. Plan B is to just be put down I think.

Enjoy your evening

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