The G60


Off the back of The Gravelton, I’ve decided to put a few more events on this Summer. The G60 is based on some of my favourite North Worcestershire mixed-terrain rides.

It’s a lumpy 60km mix of tracks, bridleways and paths interlinked by roads. A good 3hr+ test which you can build into a longer ride of your own on the day if you wish.

The Date

Saturday 17th June 2023

The Start & Finish

The Nailers Arms, 62 Doctors Hill, Bournheath B61 9JE.

Mass start @ 10am.

The pub will not be open at the start and is not part of the event directly but somewhere to have a beer (two beer gardens!) and some food afterwards.

The Ride

The ride is not an official event, it’s a self-supported group ride on the same route on the same day. You are on your own. Just rock up and ride with your mates and enjoy the day out on your bike then a pint and some pub grub afterwards.

Share your ride with other Graveltonions and join The Gravelton Strava Club

Ride whatever bike you want. Just have fun.

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How to Enter

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The G60

The Route

The route starts in Bournheath and after a 6km tarmac warm up the gravel begins with a scoot around The Lickey Hills followed by the Waseley Hills (great views into Birmingham City). Riders descend before a steep ascent up and over Walton Hill, Clent and they go again upto Four Stones, Clent (more amazing views). Once off Clent riders will have to navigate a short section of busy A road before they go offroad again between the houses and then out and around some great tracks around Hagley and Blakedown. The route touches Clent again where riders pick up more great tracks to finish via Belbroughton and Pepper Wood before back to the pub for a beer.

Route files will be available the week before the event.


  • FREE to enter
  • NO Parking
  • NO Number
  • NO Feedstations
  • NO Mechanical Assistance
  • NO Photographer
  • NO Medal
  • NO T-Shirt
  • **NEW** NO Towpaths
  • **NEW** NO Sting in the Tail
  • 60km route
  • Awesome views
  • Mixed Terrain
  • Finish at a pub
  • 1000m climbing

The Rules

  1. Don’t drive to the event. If you need to drive, find somewhere suitable to park around the village and ride in please.
  2. Be self-sufficient. There is no backup on the day
  3. Take your litter home
  4. It’s not a race, it’s a day out on the bike.
  5. Share the trails. The route can get busy at weekends. The route is open to the public and it gets narrow in places so be prepared to share your space nicely if you have to. A bell is highly recommended.
  6. Shut all gates please.
  7. Complaints. That’s a you problem. I’m not interested.


There is NO PARKING available at the start under any circumstances.

Please park responsibly around the area and ride in.