Day 2 – Clunbury – Machynlleth

Day 2 is a 60 mile ride which could be the most beautiful ride in the UK I’ve ever done based on what I’ve seen. Its going to hurt though with 2200m of climbing to pack in aswell.

I re-routed this day extensively last week when I realised a chunk was on a National Cycle Route but it was unsurfaced canal towpath. I didn’t want to take the risk given how much rain we have had recently.

The route leaves Clunbury and I have potential stops in Bishops Castle, Montgomery, Newtown and Llandidloes before I disappear off the map and pop out back in Machynlleth for the night. Thats code for into the wilderness again.

Look out for the pics on this one. Could be stunning.

think I might stop and soak this up when I get there


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