More Tons of Fun

After the relative success of my Ton around Brum ride last weekend, I’m now up for another. Its ignited a bit of a spark actually and with all this great weather at the moment, all I can think about is riding my bike when I can. I’ve given it some thought and I’ve decided to try and do something every 4-6 weeks, if I can, but turning them into 100km rides through the Winter when the days draw in.

I think my idea of making the ride really informal, stopping when we wanted to and being in a small group was great, so I’m looking to do it like that again. Same idea, different route, so everyone is invited again.

I’ve checked my diary and July is out so my next day free for a ride is Sunday 19 August.

Its perfect prep for the Mad Summer Hare on Sep 2nd which unfortunately I now can’t ride.

I’ve scoped out the first draft of a route into the Shropshire countryside tracing the route I used for Day 1 of my cycle tour back in May but returning North of the Clee Hills back to Bewdley and home. Its about 110 miles. The (important) cafe stop will be the The Old Wheelwright Tearoom I stayed at, run by Annie, who I will contact beforehand to make sure she expects us. I guarantee she will look after us, its a great little spot and the scenery around there, Clun and Craven Arms is just stunning and the roads are very quiet.

The Old Wheelwright Tea Room, a great place to refuel!
Great food served here!

The route ducks out of Bromsgrove through the lanes to Stourport-on-Severn before some lumpy miles skirting the foot of Clee Hill to Ludlow. Then a nice long, steady climb out of town through Mortimer Forest before some nice open countryside into the beautiful Clun Valley.

The Clun Valley should be on every cyclists bucket list

After the stop we head East back around and partly over Brown Clee through the lanes back to Bewdley and Stourport then a different way home than out to round out a rewarding day in the saddle.

I’m calling this route the Ton to Clun!

Click here to view my latest draft of the route. I will check and refine it as we get nearer the date

If you want to come along, just let me know. You should be capable of 17-18’s average for the distance and elevation (approx 1900m). If you want to ride in your own group slower or faster, thats fine too, we can plan that. If you just want sit in all day, be my guest. I spent most of the ride around Brum on the front anyway. You need to have a decent bike, spares, money, food and drink, but we’ll stop for top ups when we need to. Its just a day out on the bike for 6-7hrs, so we plan accordingly.

Who is in then?


Believe me, most of the route is stunning!
Some decent climbs en-route. Nothing mental though


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